Guide By: KaBob799Quest Released: UnknownQuest Length: MediumMembers Only: Yes
Requirements: You will need up to 268 coins to do this Mini Quest.
To start the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl Mini-Quest try to enter the Barbarian Outpost behind Barbarian Assault. The guard will give you a Barcrawl card that you must complete before you can enter. At every bar you visit, you must talk to the Bartender and tell them you are doing the Barcrawl. They will then charge you the cost of the drink then watch you drink it. The bars you must visit are as follows:

1: Bluemoon Inn – Varrock
2: Blurberry’s Bar – 2nd floor of Tree Gnome Stronghold
3: Dead Man’s Chest - Brimhaven
4: Dragon Inn - Yanille
5: Flying Horse Inn – East Ardougne
6: Foresters Arms - Seers Village
7: Jolly Boar Inn - Varrock
8: Karamja Spirits Bar - Karamja
9: Rising Sun Inn - Falador
10: Rusty Anchor Inn – Port Sarim

Here is a map showing where all these bars are located.
Map of Bars

Depending on what types of teleports you have access to you will be able to do the Barcrawl in faster ways, magic teleports and gnome transport are the most helpful here. There’s no specific order you have to visit the Bars so just use the map to figure out the way most convenient for you. The drinks can do a small amount of damage to your HP and skills, so be careful if you have low HP. Once you have completed the Barcrawl you will be too drunk to read the card, head back to the Barbarian Outpost and talk to one of the Guards to complete the Mini-Quest!
Access to the Barbarian Outpost, which is needed for a few quests and to use the Barbarian Agility Course.

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