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Calculator Updates on 09 February 2017
Just when you thought the site was dead the herblore calculator has been updated with all the current potions and such! I also added the botanist's outfit to it and completed its German translation. I hope to make similar progress on other calculators throughout the year and also remove and/or update other outdated sections of the site.
Category: RuneScape
New Logo on 06 May 2014
As you might have noticed, OrbScape has a shiny new logo! I've also taken the opportunity to give a major revamp to some of the HTML. The site still looks mostly the same but it's a lot nicer for me to work with now and might load a bit faster.
Category: OrbScape
Summoning Calculator on 10 April 2014
I am happy to announce that we now have a summoning calculator! The cooking calculator has also received a significant update.
Category: RuneScape
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