Treasure Trails

Welcome to the Treasure Trail section. In this section you will find guides telling you how to do the various clue scrolls found in runescape.

Basic Info

Treasure Trails are a way to find treasure around Runescape. They are members only but some of the rewards can be sold to Non Members. To do a Treasure Trail, you must get a Clue Scroll. You can't trade Clue Scrolls, and you can only have 1 at a time. Depending on the monster that dropped the scroll it will be one of 3 levels, theres no way to tell what level it is unless you know what level clue that monster drops. There is also a few other ways to get clue scrolls, these will be described in a guide sometime in the future. The level of the clue determines the difficulty and amount of tasks, as well as how good the rewards are. To complete a Clue Scroll just keep doing clues until you get a reward. The reward will be a random set of items.

When you read a Clue Scroll it will show you something. The possible clue types are:

Anagram: Gives you an anagram which you must solve. It will be in all caps and makes no sense.
Challenge Scroll: Gives you a question which you must answer, the answer is always a number.
Co-ordinate: Gives you a set of co-ordinates (ex: 01:24 North 08:05 West) which you must locate.
Puzzle Box: These puzzles must be solved and given back to the person.
Riddles: Gives you a riddle which you must solve.
Search Inside: These clues will tell you to look inside something like a crate or box.
Talk To: These clues will tell you to talk to someone.
Treasure Map: Shows you an X marking the spot.
Uri: These clues will give you emote(s) to do, items to wear, and a location to do it.

For More details on Clue Scrolls check out the various guides on the sidebar.
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