Treasure Trails: Anagrams

Anagram clues will usually say "This anagram reveals who to speak to next." then give you a set of scrambled letters. Unscrambling these letters will give the name of a game character to speak to. Sometimes these characters will give you a puzzle box or challenge scroll you must solve to continue the treasure trail. Below is a list of known Anagrams and their solutions.

Clue Solution Location Challenge
A BAS Saba Cave North West of Burthope, not marked on minimap. None
ACE MATCH ELM Cam the Camel Al Kharid. Puzzle Box
AHA JAR Jaraah Duel Arena Entrance None
AN PAINT TONIC Captain Ninto Captain Ninto in the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain. Fishing Contest quest required. Puzzle Box
ARC O LINE Caroline In or around Witchaven, depending on quests. Challenge Scroll
ARR! SO I AM A CRUST, AND? Ramaru du Croissant Piscatoris Fishing Colony Puzzle Box
A ZEN SHE Zenesha The Ardougne Marketplace Platebody shop. Puzzle Box
BAIL TRIMS Brimstail Cave by the South West corner of the Gnome Stronghold. None
BY LOOK Bolkoy Upstairs in the Tree Gnome Village. Challenge Scroll
C ON GAME HOC Gnome Coach Circling the Gnomeball field at the Gnome Stronghold. Challenge Scroll
DT RUN B Brundt Rellekka Longhall. Challenge Scroll
EL OW Lowe The Ranged shop in Varrock. None
GOBLIN KERN King Bolren Tree Gnome Village None
GOT A BOY Gabooty Middle of Tai-Bwo-Wannai. Challenge Scroll
GULAG RUN Uglug Nar Jiggig Puzzle Box
HALT US Luthas In between the bananas and ship on Musa Point.. None
HE DO POSE. IT IS CULTRRL, MK? Riki the sculptor's model Keldagrim Puzzle Box
ICY FE Fycie Rantz Cave, by the coast South East of Gu’Tanoth and North of Oo’glog. None
I EAT ITS CHART HINTS DO U Shiratti the Custodian Nardah Puzzle Box
I FAFFY RUN Fairy Nuff The Fairy Realm or the Fairy Queens Hideout. Puzzle Box
IM KROM Rommik Rimmington Crafting Store. Challenge Scroll
LAND DOOMD Odd Old Man East of Varrock Puzzle box
LARK IN DOG King Roald Varrock Castle. Challenge Scroll
ME IF Femi The entrance gate to the Gnome Stronghold. None
NOD MED Edmond By the North Westernmost house in East Ardougne. Challenge Scroll
O BIRDZ A ZANY EN PC Cap'n Izzy No-Beard Brimhaven Challenge Scroll
OK CO Cook Lumbridge Castle. Challenge Scroll
OR ZINC FUMES WARD Wizard Frumscone Wizards Guild Basement (66 Magic Needed). Puzzle Box
PEATY PERT Party Pete Falador Party Room. None
PROFS LOSE WRONG PIE Professor Onglewip Draynor Wizard Tower. Puzzle Box
R AK MI Karim Al Kharid. Challenge Scroll
RED ART TANS Trader Stan Port Sarim Docks, by the charter ships. Puzzle Box
SEQUIN DIRGE Queen Sigrid Miscellania/Etceteria. Puzzle Box

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