Treasure Trails: Treasure Maps

One of the easier and cheaper types of Clue Scrolls is the Treasure Map. These maps will show you a location in Runescape where you can continue the Trail. You will need to use a spade to dig where the X is marked, unless it shows a crate on the map, in those cases you search the crate. Some of the maps will have dotted lines and instructions to help you get to the exact spot to dig. Below you will find a list of known Treasure Maps and what location they are showing.

Map Location Map Location
West of Rimmington West of Rimmington Penninsula West of Crafting Guild The Hobgoblin covered Penninsula West of the Crafting Guild
Near the Clocktower Near the Clocktower South of East Ardougne North East of the Observatory The Goblin controlled village directly North East of the Observatory
Level 50 Wild Level 50 wilderness, south of the Agility Training Arena and Pirates' Hideout West of Sinclair West of Sinclair Mansion and South of Relleka, the line is the trail and theres a musician to the North West. It's inbetween the 2 bridges that cross the river.
Miscellania On Miscellania, directly East of the castle. West Ardougne On the West side of West Ardougne.
Tower of Life North of the Tower of Life, west of the nearby Fairy Ring. South of Draynor Bank South of Draynor Bank.
Mine South East of Varrock The mine outside of the South East corner of Varrock. West of the Champions Guild West of the Champions Guild below Varrock
West of McGrubors Woods Galahad's House west of McGrubor's Woods. Above Falador Outside the Northern wall of Falador, near the party room.
North of Falador The crossroads by the North Entrance to Falador. South of the Wizards Tower South of the Wizard Tower below Draynor.
McGrubors Woods Inside of McGrubor's Woods (Fairy Ring: ALS). South East Yanille South East corner of Yanille
By the Lighthouse South East of the lighthouse. Ourania Chaos Altar Chaos Altar west of Khazard Battlefield
South of Legends Guild Near the mines south of the Legends Guild. Dark Warriors Fortress The Dark Warriors Fortress in Level 14 Wilderness.
North of Abandoned Mine North of the Abandoned Mine in Morytania. Inside the Lumber Yard The Lumber Yard to the North East of Varrock.

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